291 Oak St, Ashland, Oregon 541-488-4735
SUMMER HOURS: Open Wednesdays and Sundays 11AM to 3PM,  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10AM to 5PM. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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 Welcome to Ashland Art Works!_________________________


As always, you will be more than pleased by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts.

AAW is home to these outstanding local artists…

Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry, & Paintings
Marydee Bombick’s Functional and Garden Pottery
Debbie Earley’s fused glass jewelry, functional bowls and plates
Michael Gibson’s Painting in post impressionists’ style
Andrew Jones’ Burl Tea Trays, Tables
Cheryl Kempner’s Jewelry, Garden Art & Crazy Clay Birds
Claudia Law’s Textile Creations
Daniel Loch’s Photography
George Popa’s Dimensional Wire Sculptures
Lorene Senesac’s Raku Sculpture & Wall Reliefs
Connie Simonsen’s Handpainted Silk Scarves
Annette Trujillo’s Jewelry, Nature Photo Cards & Prints
John Weston’s Fine Woodwork & Cutting Boards


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In August Ashland Artwork features new mediums and creative combinations by two talented artists.

Michael Gibson’s Art on Rocks resulted from a month long drive to Alaska and back, where he started sketching on rocks he had collected along the way.

“Someone suggested I do ‘Tudor’ subject matter for Ashland
Shakespeare lovers and I was possessed,” says Michael.

These rock sketches make great paper weights or keepsakes.




In Art, Poetry and Thee, Elin Babcock expresses her creativity using painting and sculpting to parallel her poetry. For Elin, Creativity comes in many ways. “If I suspend the critic and judge in my head, I am free to explore the creative world however it comes.
Elin will read her poems during the First Friday Art Walk.


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  1. This is to Connie Simonsen: I bought your #4F Tangerine Turquoise Garden scarf while staying at Heron a week ago and wore it today for Mother’s Day. It is lovely and I thank you.

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