cardsNovember is our fall fundraiser month.
Elementary students, high school students and artists have folded, cut, painted, and glued to create hundreds of “Art Note Cards”. One card is $6 or four cards are $20. The entire purchase price of these cards will be donated to two local projects that help children and teens. The Maslow Project provides shelter and support for homeless teens in crisis and Life Art Project teaches skills to at risk youth through art. (Insert photo of us making cards at table in front gallery)

Ashland Artworks will also display the paintings of Kaiya Spain for her AHS senior project. Kaiya comments about her art process, “I have to sit for a while and think about it. Let my ideas form. Once I can get a good idea to go with, the creativity keeps flowing.”

AAW has expanded again with more space and a new artist. We welcome painter, Michael Gibson, who works in post expressionists’ style. Please visit our newest display space in the front gallery. Remember that November and December feature holiday gift ideas and spotlight the creative efforts of our 16 gallery artists.

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