Life on Pause – April 2020

Ashland Art Work is pleased to announce that once the closure for non-essential businesses is lifted, we will be open for business. AAW will open with our sculpture gardens and 3 of our 4 galleries. 

We miss our AAW artists but meet often to check in with each other on Zoom. 

Our online meeting with a few of us. It’s Elin’s Birthday soon so we suprised her with candles and an extremely slow version of Happy Birthday!

Stay connected with us through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Artist Spotlights
A glimpse in our studios

Cheryl showing off her Crazy Birds before the final firing.

Marydee working on a new line of flowers, perfect for a gardener that doesn’t enjoy gardening.

Claudia showing us her inspiration for one of her textile art pieces.

Liz in her shop soldering on a future pendant. Also showing an example of the stone’s progress from rough to cabochon to final piece.

Elin hard at work with new assemblages. A very good use of high-heels.

Michael working on a very horizontal painting. Showing his use of an OSB material for his substrate.

Suzanne taking a moment, in her sunny studio. Working on a lady in repose, which could be a portrait of most of us these days.

Roxanne showing off her brand new studio! A beautiful place to create art.

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