Art Days of August

Living in and being a part of a small community has many advantages. But living in a town that thrives on a tourist based economy has its challenges. We have been very fortunate to be able to keep our galleries open, partially to private donations and partially to the receipt of some local grants, and of course to our patrons.

The artists at Ashland Art Works would like to thank those of you that have come by for a visit over the last several weeks. We are here for you, and you have been here for us!

The garden is lovely, the trees are full of walnuts and squirrels. Come take a break, sit by the creek and then wander through the Galleries.

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something
that wasn’t there before.”
-Neil Gaiman

August Gallery hours:
Fri – Sat: 10 to 5
Weds – Thurs – Sun: 10 to2

AAW also has some exciting news from our local news outlet, the Mail Tribune and Rosebud Media. Ashland Art Works has been nominated for Southern Oregon’s Best of the Best in 2020! Voting begins August 3rd ending on August 16th. Check it out and cast your vote!

Current Art Work at ART WORKS

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