August is a must at AAW

Join us on FIRST FRIDAY –August 6th
from 5:00 to 8:00

for an Artists Reception
and an opportunity to visit with our artists
Elin Babcock and Lorene Senesac


10:00 to 12:00 – Elin will demonstrate her process of creating her Mandalas

Elin Babcock

Multi Media Assemblagé

Elin Babcock, artist-poet.  She is a multi-media artist with creations in assemblagé sculptures, lyrical abstract painting, geometric tile patterns, and mandala designs. She is a published poet and facilitates creativity and poetry workshops.

“All my creations have a collaboration with the Universe or perhaps the subconscious.

Whether poem or visual art, I start each with an intention. Somewhere in the middle, work is created that seems to be more expansive than my original direction.”

Currently she is facilitating “Me & My Mandala” workshops sharing the creative process with Zoom sessions. Her belief is that creativity is our birthright. She is grateful to Ashland Art Works and all the people who made her creations for the show “Repurposing” possible.

Lorene Senesac

Mixed Media Figures and Raku fired Portals

My new mixed media figures ,expressing joy and freedom ,are a response to a difficult Covid year.

 My evocative Raku fired portals are small sanctuaries meant to recall to the viewer a sense of connection to a deeper part of ourselves and the web of life.

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