Community Activities

Kis Art Aug 2015
Masks *  Nature Sketchbook & Stamping

Ashland Art Works is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 cooperative of artists, art galleries and studios.  AAW encourages the creative productivity of its artists with the intention of contributing new works for the gallery and of sharing with the community.  AAW provides numerous opportunities for locals and visiting groups to learn about and experience art.  For example, people of all ages attend First Friday, a free monthly event to meet artists, learn about art techniques, watch demonstrations, and visit studios.  AAW also offers tours and educational opportunities in the form of workshops, such as mask making, silk dying or expanding creativity.  AAW artists have offered art experiences in elementary, high school and university classrooms plus art lectures at the gallery.

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Catalyst students

One comment

  1. Hi all you creative artists, viewed some of your work on line, WOW.
    A special hallo to Elin Babcock, it was really special to meet you recently on your visit to Kerry, Ireland.
    Love beautiful objects,
    Hallo from Eire
    Ellen O’Donnell

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