Amy Baumgart

My love for woodworking started when I was a kid. I was
affectionately known as daddy’s little helper. I worked alongside
my dad building and mending fences. My first solo project as quite
a young girl was building a gift for my dad, an “electrician’s bench”

think bench to sit on with shelf to carry your tools wherever you
are working. Of course, my dad loved it – bright orange paint and

My love of turning wood all stemmed from a trip back to
Wisconsin to visit my family in 2019. My brother-in-law had
purchased a small lathe and invited me to try it. While I had been
aware of this type of woodworking, I never thought it was
something I would be interested in. Was I wrong!!

I came home, bought a small lathe and soon a second larger
lathe and have never looked back! I felt such an immediate and
intense passion for turning. I taught myself to turn through the
wonder of YouTube. I love the addition of resin to my work as it
offers me such opportunity for color and added texture.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to have my work at the
Ashland Art Works as I really feel these pieces need to
be picked up and touched to really appreciate the beauty of the
wood. If you would like to see more of my work, you can check
out my website:

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