Angelique Stewart


Angelique Stewart, weaver. One morning a few years ago, out of the blue, I woke up and decided to buy a loom. I taught myself to weave on that first rigid-heddle loom, and quickly upgraded to an 8-shaft floor loom so I would have more options for high-quality fabrics.
Now, I weave and sew elegant home decor that is made to last – like tea towels and table runners – and stylish, chic accessories, including scarves and shawls. I love using high-quality organic materials and time-proven techniques, but with a modern sensibility. It’s important to me that the things I make last a long time. I don’t ever want to make anything that’s disposable. Even dishtowels can be heirlooms!

The overarching theme in my work is simplicity and serenity. I’m always looking for peace and that feeling of calm that can be elusive in today’s stressful world. I try to evoke those feelings in my weaving by working with classic patterns and just a couple colors per piece.


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