Cheryl Kempner

I have been an artist for over three decades and have enjoyed the opportunity to try many techniques, clays, and glazes. My focus is now on hand-built, brightly colored clay pieces entitled “Crazy Birds and Friends.” These birds can sit on a windowsill, can stand on tall metal legs, can hold a tea pot, books, coffee cups, and more. Images of these primary colored birds also appear on plates, vases, and cups. These whimsical birds also find their way into my metal garden art pieces. I use a plasma torch to cut steel and my husband, Ken, does the welding. Imagine a fanciful yellow clay bird perched in a rusted steel birdhouse.

How to Create a “Crazy Bird”

A Crazy bird is created from a flat piece of clay that is shaped around a blown-up ballon. Features are added and the bird goes through the first kiln firing for 6 hours. A colored glaze is painted on and the bird goes through the second firing that lasts for 7 hours reaching over 2,000 degrees.

Going off on a rusted metal tangent

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