Claudia Law


Ever since your goal found out you were traveling toward it, it has been running to meet you.  – Paulo Coelho

Claudia Law, textile and multimedia artist. Claudia uses fibers, paint, and thread sketching  to create texturally rich, colorful art quilts featuring nature and Celtic themes.

It took Claudia half a lifetime to know what her goal was, as far as a medium in which she was able to express herself through art. Now, she combines painting, 3-D fabric elements, beading, decorative stitching (hand and machine) and other multi-media treatments to create art quilts. Claudia says, “The force is with me, and the images I have yet to bring to ‘life’ continue to run to meet me. Given enough time, I might be able to bring them all to life … there are many, and they just keep on coming.”

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