Dan & Stef Seffinger

Dan and Stef Seffinger are kiln form glass artists who have worked together since 2002. They launched their studio, Ashland Glass Act llc in 2006. Both have taken extensive classes in kiln form glass techniques and processes at Bullseye Learning Center in Portland.

Stef and Dan create a wide variety of one of a kind glass pieces for both functional and artistic uses. They  have mastered many techniques of glass making including working with different forms of glass (powder, frit, murrine ) and different ways of creating glass including making cane rods for murrine, weaved glass, pot melts, and tapestry glass . They have exhibited in  Oregon galleries in Bandon,  Portland, and Jacksonville,  including  Nimbus  Gallery,  The Ashland Art Center, and the Fiber Collective in Ashland.

Stef and Dan also create commission pieces. One of Stef’s favorite was creating modern art pieces for the Schneider Museum Gala . They continue to do special projects, donate to charity and look forward to many years of creating and exploring glass. Visit their website  www.ashlandglassact.com  and their Instagram and Facebook pages to view other examples of their work.  Dan and Stef are excited to be joining Ashland Art Works and working with these accomplished artists. 

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