Debbie Earley

Debbie Earley

Debbie Earley

In the mid 1980’s I took my first stained glass class with the intention of creating a beautiful work of art for the large arch window in the master bedroom of our new home. I was immediately hooked. While I created many windows for other houses in our small town, I never did make that window for our bedroom!

As happens with many stained glass artists, I became frustrated with the limitations of the medium and turned to kiln-formed, or fused glass. In 2001 I took a three-day fusing course, and by the end of day two I had ordered my first kiln.

Since that class, I have studied with many well-known glass artists, absorbing their knowledge and enthusiasm, and experimenting with the many techniques and materials available to the warm glass artist. My current work leans toward more ‘organic’ pieces with inclusions of paper, metals, and intentional bubbles. I also like to experiment with the chemical reactions that can occur when combining two or more colors of glass.

While glass fusing is actually an ancient art form, the advances in science and technology have given us many wonderful new products such as dichroic glass and computer-controlled kilns. With everything that is available to today’s glass artist, the possibilities are almost limitless.

"Art Presence," by Debbie Earley

“Art Presence,” by Debbie Earley

Fused glass by Debbie Earley

Fused glass by Debbie Earley


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