Elin Babcock


Changing Times

Creativity is an integral part of my life’s philosophy. Each time I ventured into a specific artistic medium, I found myself building bridges from one discipline to another: painting with sculpting. Sculptures with poems; poetry with play writing; art with psychology; teaching with learning.

The philosophy has not changed though the materials have. Assemblage sculpture joins found objects that have lost their way; wood with rusted metal; wire with glass; common objects and delicate feathers mixed with re-bar. Three themes run in the current work, the “La Femme” series, “La Musique” and always, “J’aime Paris.”  I enjoy shifting and combining the utilitarian with the artistic.

When first introduced to wire wrapped jewelry, I chose gemstones because they were “pretty” and combined them with gold and silver. As I learned my craft, I was being taught the power and myth of each gemstone by touch. The open back of the design allows the stone to be worn against the body, thus enhancing its powers.I am grateful to the Ashland Art Works members for their support. I thank the mentors, teachers and craftspeople who have graced my life and shared my vision.

Silver Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Midnight Muse

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