Elizabeth Ellingson

My designs and inspirations all center on the stones I use.  Cutting and polishing my own cabochons enables me to control the entire creative process from rough, uncut stone to the final finished piece. I hand fabricate all of my jewelry in sterling silver, with emphasis on an earthy, contemporary design. The jewelry I create is one of a kind.

I’ve been producing and selling jewelry for the last 13 years, basically self taught. My exposure to the lapidary world started a long time ago with my rock-hounding-dad in Eastern Oregon.  I discovered later in life that I love rocks! I thought it would be a good idea to learn the art of lapidary – the cutting, grinding and polishing of stones. So I joined the Crater Rock Museum in Central Point, (www.craterrock.com) using the equipment in their fabulous workshop.  A natural transition from there was to learn silver-smithing in order to make something with all of the stones I was cutting.   I attend juried craft/art shows in the summer throughout the region, but call Ashland Art Works my home! For more information and to view my available work, please visit: www.silverrockdesign.com

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