Marcia O’Rourke

Fine Art ::
As a member of Ashland Art Works, I work among artists who are inspired and inspiring, gifted women and men who continue to stretch and explore.
My first serious sculpture was a turtle carved from a bar of Ivory soap.  I spent my entire allowance on bars of Ivory soap. I have continued to sculpt since then! And turtles continue to interest me – below is a photo of a wall with 30 baby turtles scampering to the sea.
I work in clay and I also paint and draw. Almost any medium is a potential opportunity for creative expression. Still, the responsive, organic nature of the clay continues to call to me, excite me and satisfy my senses.
Over the years, I have shared this passion by leading workshops in clay and pottery. I invite participants to explore the materials and their own imaginations.
Graphic Design :: 
I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator. I owned a full-service ad agency for 14 years before moving to Oregon. Since 1990, I have been working freelance doing designs and art by hand and/or with the Macintosh.

 Logo designs, brochures, flyers, ads, book design, CD covers, posters, product labels, catalogs, displays, and illustration for print and web.
To view more samples of my art and graphics online, please call or email me and I will gladly send you photos or links.

Email: click on the – Contact –  link on this site and use the drop-down menu (under AAW Office).


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