Sierra Gwin

“Jewelry is an invitation to stop and look closely…an object which honors the beauty of the spirit that inspired the piece, as well as the beauty of the woman who wears it.”


Sierra lives in the foothills of Southern Oregon where inspiration is literally out the back door.  Through her vision and artistry, a leaf from a morning walk can be transformed into the wing of a silver dragonfly in the studio that night.


For her silver work, Sierra loves Precious Metal Clay (PMC) for its responsiveness and versatility.  Because the silver is in clay form, she can use nature’s impressions, along with traditional sculpting techniques, to create truly unique artistic renderings of the natural world.  When she is pleased with the pieces, they are fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees Fahrenheit.  At this temperature, the clay-like binders are burned away and the silver fuses together.


The resulting pieces of solid silver can now be finished with traditional techniques.  They are polished and drilled, then further embellished with real pearls and gem stones to add natural color and shine.  All findings are sterling silver and hand made by the artist, including her signature swirl clasp which closes every piece.  Please stop by the gallery to say “hi”, or visit me on the web at


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