Connie Simonsen

Silk!   One of the things that excites me about it is the intensity of color that steam-set dyes give me.  The steaming makes the colors become permanent and more vibrant – and the silk retains its sensual feel.  This feeling is enhanced by the textures and thickness (momme) of silk fabric such as: crepe de chine, satin charmeuse, jacquard, habotai, or chiffon; each having its own unique character when responding to brush strokes.  Nearly all of my inspiration comes from nature: sunsets, tidal pools, mountains, petrified wood, landscapes, flowers. Abstract painting helps me express my vision through color.

I’ve always been passionate about color and the texture of silk, and worn silk for most of my life.  Painting on silk began for me about 15 years ago after many years of trying other forms of art.  My grandmother and mother were both artists, and greatly influenced and encouraged me.  While attending my first workshop on silk painting, the process and technique seemed magical.  The moment my paint brush touched the fabric, I was able to transfer the image in my mind onto the silk.  This became my art medium, and it was evident this was a pursuit to continue.

Connie Simonsen
Connie Simonsen

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