Featured Artists in September

Featured Artists in September

Join us on FIRST FRIDAY – September 3rd
from 4:00 to 7:00

for an Artists Reception
and an opportunity to visit with our artists
Bonnie Morgan and Michael Gibson

between 12:00 and 2:00

Michael Gibson will be demonstrating his skills at figurative drawing.

Bonnie Morgan

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

Say what? …saggar?

I am delighted to feature my saggar (săg′ər) fired vessels this month. The richly varied and fire marked surface is unpredictable, out of my control, and for me speaks to the events of this past year.  So, what is a saggar? Traditionally a saggar is made of clay and used to enclose or protect whatever is fired inside. In this case I am doing the opposite, I am filling the saggar (a crumbled piece of foil) with wood chips, corn husks, copper wire, and salt, enclosing the vessel in materials that will influence the surface as the piece is transformed by fire. Each piece records an irreplaceable event emerging from the firing.

Michael Gibson

Oil Paintings

I am intrigued with the compulsion to create. One act leads to another.

I have been experimenting with oils on OSB board (oriented strand board).  The lamination lends itself to subliminal cubistic effects.  I am also working on a larger scale than with a traditional canvas, to incorporate vast landscape effects.

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